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Cheers Eliseat, thanks for the feedback!

I did not know what video proxing was until last week, so I can see why people are not jumping on this script as it does not really sell itself yet.

I would like to make a full video or blog post on this, but it has taken so much time to write the script I really should do the work I am meant to be doing, Bash scripts are addictive, always a cleaner way to do something

I am soon embarking on making 2 Udemy courses and hoping to edit them all in Reaper. Once I have established a good workflow with the proxing I will be in a better position to write about it I think.

Did you try the script yet? I am hoping to get some user feedback, I have no idea what formats people are trying to edit. It would be nice to expand the set of default input file formats, but I need some people to try things they are doing in the real world and let me know how I can improve the script.

For example is assumes you want lossless output, that will use less CPU to decode, but with long files it might eat too much space... there is not much chat on video proxing options I can find as usually the application does it all for you.

Right now there is a bug if you want use -i and an input other than the default .MTS, so the logic needs looking at in the getopts switch. Just use the cpv -c .mp4 -a for other containers like mp4.

Do expect much better documentation in the future!
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