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There is no need for such a thing in OS X. ASIO4All was made to overcome the deficiencies in Windows when it comes to audio. The Mac OS was designed with audio/video production in mind, and low latency was a primary concern since it's inception. If you are having issues with latency, it is not something that ASIO4All could fix. Look elsewhere for the issue.

If you are running OS X on non Apple hardware, you may not get the full benefits of CoreAudio because the drivers were not written specifically for your hardware. That may be a problem, but something like ASIO4All won't fix it anyway. Your best bet is to take advantage of the tight integration of hardware and software that Apple provides the Pro content producer. I can't speak to the crap that has been coming out of the software department since Scott Forstall left and Jonny Ives took over. Everything from iOS 7 and Mountain Lion on has been a regression, IMO, but I don't know whether they've gotten around to mucking up CoreAudio yet. So far, everything Ives has touched has gone horribly wrong, from the look to things as simple as scrubbing video.
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