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Oh well, made it a day without discovering a bug

Originally Posted by Freex View Post
... I'm assuming if you left a cycle on a send, then banked to a different channel then back the cycle would still be "in play"...
Was thinking about this -- it's intuitively correct -- and was thinking about implementation to make that work, and realized this is state that must be stored in CSI, there is no equivalent state in Reaper -- there is no notion of current send index.

Then Pan/Width jumped to fore of mind.

Yup, if you press Rotary on Track 3 Width works great.

If you then bank, the Width is now on another track, oooops.

We took over the Channel on the surface but ignored its context, the behaviour should follow banking.

So, Zones take over Widgets on Surfaces, but also must be aware of context (Track/Send/etc.).

Once again this is external to Reaper, Reaper does no know about "Pan" or "Width" being the current Surface operation for the Rotary.

The good news is this is one of those formula things -- once applied to Pan/Width, it can easily be applied to Sends index, etc.

The bad news is this state must be stored in the project file to keep everything together, so you will see more CSI entries at the end of the .rpp.

I guess the other good news is that, since we will now persist this state, we can do a pretty ridiculously complete total recall job for the Surfaces

More work to do...
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