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Somebody tell me who the hell is Kenny Gioia and why the hell should he be paid a bunch of money for what users have been getting in here free off bbb/myself and various other users ?
I normally prefer to concentrate on making my customers happy rather than putting effort into debating with my detractors.

Some people can read a 400 page manual in an afternoon and absorb the information. If you can, these videos are not for you. Save your money.

I can't absorb information that way. It took me about a month to get through that very well written and organized manual. Not because I'm a slow reader, but because I would read a few pages, open up Reaper and play around for a half an hour or more. Then read a few more pages and do it all again. So it took me about a month to absorb most of the manual.

Had someone made Reaper Explained for me, I could have watched these videos instead and absorbed the same amount of learning in under 5 hours. Although it would have been a bit longer as I still would have played with Reaper along the way.

So let's just say that it would have taken me 2 or 3 long days to learn Reaper with the videos. I still saved about 28 days. Four weeks. So that's about $10 a week. Is my time worth that? Is your time worth that?

If your happy reading the manual (and it's a great one) and you get the most out of all the free videos available, then that's certainly a route you might prefer to take.

My videos are simply an option. Download the free sample on the site. It shows much of what you'll learn from each of the 27 videos.

Thanks for the support.
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