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well, I don't actually use the script way much any more I use this set of commands below to just simply select a few items and then be able to zoom to them and hide other tracks plus press it again to zoom out and show all tracks, works very well.

Custom action

-SWS: toggle zoom to sel item(s), hide other tracks
-SWS: Show selected track(s) in TCP and MCP
-Track: Select all tracks
-SWS: Hide unselected track(s)
-Track: Unselect all tracks

(the extra ones are needed to make this work as a toggle button)

But even if you do it the reaconsole way you should be able to just select all items and then zoom to them?

The other thing I do is just have a key set to focus the SWS tracklist, this way I can press this key and then type "drums" after to filter all but drums out of the track, I then have one more key command to "select all tracks" then "SWS: vertical zoom to selected tracks minimize others" which will just focus the drums, not as fast but more adaptable for me.

Great idea to put them on the toolbar, I'm hoping with multiple detachable toolbars and presets for changing through sets will give us even more control over this!
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