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Originally Posted by Loukas View Post
Well, NAS,

this seems amazing interesting...

Searches for 2 hours to implement this in my Reaper, but to complicated for a simple DAW-user like me...

Would prefer this selections as extensions like 'Select tracks with "BEAT" in name' and '...with "Synth" in name', etc.

Maybe something for the experts...?
IF you read the WIKI entry i made you will see that this is exactly how it works
Once you create the console custom commands
(C'mon now if S*BEAT* is too complicated for you to type then honestly you shouldn't be using a computer)
That will create an action that shows in the list

It really is simple to be honest
If you want to do this you will
If you don't you wont
But it won't be anything to do with it being complicated (It isn't) it may well be my explanation on the WIKI is crap
So sorry about that

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