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OK completly redone this now with macros using Zapps idea and shit it is so so so so much better
Again thanks go out to SWS because it uses a bunch of his actions in the macro

The way it works now is just on naming convention no need to make snapshots (Worked on a project last night using the snapshot method and it was a total PITA)

So basically when you press the buss button it just shows folder tracks nothing else
When you press the beat button it shows tracks with beat in the name and so on and so forth

I will find out how i get access to the wiki and post a full tutorial on how to set up your macros and stuff
Once its done its done you just use a specific naming convention and jobs a good un

So cheers to SWS again for his actions and Zapp (And SWS it has to be said) for the update idea using naming (So much slicker)

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