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Originally Posted by nicholas View Post

You can do this (and also use the Windows key) with AutoHotKey, but that then means having two separate sets of actions/macros in two different environments ... unless with AHK you can find a way to pass modifiers like CapsLock and Windows across to be used directly by the host application, i.e., within Reaper's Actions window ... don't know of any way but I must investigate ...
This is a shot of the key-assign tab for the Digital Voice Editor sw that comes with Sony's digital voice recorders. When the "transcribing keys" are enabled, you can use the Win key as a modifier for all the usual primary keys. When enabled, these key combinations can be used from with any program to control the Sony sw (eg, start and stop playback for transcription while staying inside a word processor.)

Based on this, it seems that the Win key could indeed be used (at least on its own) as another modifier.

I've downloaded AHK a number of times over the years (pre-Reaper and post) but have never really taken to it... the "two different environments" that you mention.

Custom menus, in 3.13pre6, will also extend assignability to commands and actions/macros. Yay!

Reaper is probably the most customizable specialty app I've ever used. Rock on JCS, SWS, and Xenakios.
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