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Originally Posted by Marah Mag View Post
Is that actually possible, to use the Windows key (or any key at all) as an extra modifier? That would be awesome. But I'm unable to make that happen. The Windows key is always intercepted by the Start menu.

Having additional modifiers would be huge enhancement. So would being able to set multi-level assignments, eg, Ctrl+Alt+R followed by a second specifier... Ctrl+Alt+R, T.
Absolutely ... and for example to be able to use Caps Lock as a modifier would open up a grillion more opportunities ...

You can do this (and also use the Windows key) with AutoHotKey, but that then means having two separate sets of actions/macros in two different environments ... unless with AHK you can find a way to pass modifiers like CapsLock and Windows across to be used directly by the host application, i.e., within Reaper's Actions window ... don't know of any way but I must investigate ...
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