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Originally Posted by feline1 View Post
Re: getting the latest version of the user guide on the Reaper website - the site redesign that accompanied the release of Reaper 3.0 seems to have obscured this process a little: the link for the manual is now just to generic "" - it doesn't tell you what version of the PDF you'll get when you click -
it would be good if the release notes for a new version made it more explicit whether it was accompanied by a new version.

Another general point re: screenshots in the manual.
Some of them look a bit "munged".
Some tips of getting nice crisp screenshots:

1. Turn off Window's font anti-aliasing (On WinXP, that means right click on desktop to get Display Properties > Appearance tab > Effects button > and uncheck "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts". (Obviously, this makes things look nicer on a monitor screen, but it just makes screen-grabs blurry)

2. Don't save your screengrabs using lossy JPEG compression, it induces that yucky mottling around text and straight edges. Save them as something lossless (PNG, for instance)

3. I see the user guide is written in MS Word then converted to PDF using Adobe's PDF Maker. In the advanced settings for that, make sure once more that the PDF distillation process isn't applying mungey JPEG compression to graphics - (it's in the Advanced settings > Images > Colour Images > Compression - try setting it to something lossless like ZIP or lossless JPEG2000. If this makes PDF file size too big (what is "too big"?) for the downloadable PDF, then at least make a different "print quality" PDF for Lulu to sell its printed copies from.

(Not wanting to teach anyone to suck eggs, but the above is the way I'd do it
Thank you so much for this .... I only wish I had known all this sooner! But at least I do now!
Learning Manuals and Reaper Books
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