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Thanks for finding time for us OSX'ers as well. Greatly appreciated!
And congrats on ver. 3 - you are my heroes!

PLUG problems (all of them work fine in logic studio as either AU or AU-wrapped from vst via fxpansion) :

- BFD Demo (i wonder if it goes for the full prog as well) has no GUI - even on resize or actions. I seem to recall a GUI being there before upgrading to version 3

- Anything Arturia seems to cause frequent crashes on 3.00 but now seems to work fine for 3.01.
Althought the Minimoog V comes up with only bypass as an option for paramter modulation. This is only in the AU version though. The VST seems to work fine

- The TAL-TOGU Bass line synth has no audio at all and does not seem to respond to midi (at least the fancy keyboard graphics don't). could have a ot to do with this reaper error message when loading the plug: "Could not get channel info for effects (are they multichannel?)" - it is not multichannel though.

I have more, but I cant think of them right now. I'll do some more thorough checking when I get the chance
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