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Greetings, I registered in order to contribute to this thread. I'm a nonprofessional user so weight my opinions accordingly.

kl. Fineline - UI doesn't draw in Reaper OSX, functional with the reaper native UI mode, but generally crashes after 5 minutes or so of use.

kl. Drummachine R8 - Similar to above: UI doesn't draw until one of the (invisible) UI buttons is clicked on, when the FX window loses focus the UI becomes invisible again.

Kl stuff uses Pluggo, and all of their vsti's have similar glitches, so my guess is that OSX reaper has some kind of issue with pluggo compatibility.

Also - OhmForce Frohmage has a nondrawing UI until one of its buttons/knobs is used or the FX window is resized. I believe Ohmforce also uses Pluggo?

edit: all of the above are freeware/shareware/donationware
edit: using osx 10.4 intel mac

Late edit: Kl .Plugins now work for me as of Reaper 3.104!

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