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Hi, there!

Just loaded Reaper yesterday, and I'm already committed to dropping both Logic 8 and Digital Performer 6. This software is AWESOME. Reminds me of Sonar in its' intuitiveness, but it's light on the processor and rock solid!

So far, I have 2 pieces of software that cause problems. I'm running an Intel Mac 8-core, 2.8 gHz with 10 GB RAM.

1. Omnisphere AU (1.8) crashes Reaper outright. Adding it as a virtual instrument crashes Reaper.

2. Loading Superior Drummer 2 AU (ver 2.0.2) loads the GUI fine, and loads the samples, but playing the drum kit shows MIDI data coming in, but no audio out. I think this also might be me, not understanding how to route multi-output devices correctly in Reaper.

Regardless, these are my two instruments that don't load correctly. Komplete 5 loads like a charm!

Thanks again, for a killer app! Looking forward to writing lots of music with it!

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