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Default Full screen editing action

Tallisman made me a great macro to lock everything except on the track you want to edit and make that track bigger.

I have taken that and made it so the track you want to edit fills the screen - it closes the docker (won't work so good if you have, say, the mixer floating - but then you can always then just close it).

Looks like this:

Works best on a single track but can work quite well with two adjacent tracks. Fiddly for more than one track where they are not adjacent.

You sometimes have to run it twice to get the full screen thing - don't know why. Oh and it closes any envelope lanes you have open for the selected track/s so as to get the selected track in the full screen (you can take that action out if you don't like it):

and then this to return to an overview and unlock all items again - this opens any envelope lanes for selected track so again you can get rid of that if you want:

Keymap here: (ctrl-shift-e and ctrl-shift-r)

Please by all means improve and share.
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