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"***EDIT: Selection on Top of items with Left-Click Drag***

My eternal search here has proven fruitful...I had another go at this and lo, it works and it's accurate!

I mapped it to Q, you just press Q once (no holding), then Left-Click and drag on top of items. It obeys snap, so just toggle snap when you need to (I map that to A).

You can also use Q to place the cursor, and just hit escape to kill the loop selection.

*This works a lot easier than the current default, Ctrl Right-Click-Drag...and no need for a script either!

*Make sure the box in Options-Preferences-Editing Behaviour-'Move edit cursor to start of loop selection on loop selection change' is checked.

How does this work? for me it only just moves the playhead and selection to the mouse position. CLicking and dragging does not affect time selection.
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