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Long day, but made good progress. Envelopes finished:

MCP done (bar the main colour bit):

Still need to do FX/Send lists and Transport.

Originally Posted by lerian View Post
Looking good!

Anyone with the same problem can use this one i made for my v6 mod, if its still 22px in size. Or use KnobMan to make your own stack then rename it to section_function_knob_stack.png

You can find more about what images reaper is using here:

Ah, that stack would have been perfect. I'm running 2x scale (200) so it's too small unfortunately. This is taking too much time already so I'm not going to make a stack, it'll take me ages (wondering how to do that in PS). Want to get this finished and released as soon as possible :)

Originally Posted by lerian View Post
You will have to enlarge the png provided, and depending on what you want to do with it add pink lines or not. Mine just adds a bit of shade for the controls to be easily visible even in lighter colors, and also stretches the upper section for the FX to blend in.

Notice the first transparent square from the top down, thats where the upper colored section is.
Ohhh cheers! I'll grab and have a play with this image and see what's what. Much appreciated :)

Originally Posted by nait View Post

I love this look so far. I planned on doing my own theme eventually, maybe over Christmas. But I might not bother, if this can be run on 1080p screens. Can it? That's all I have, unfortunately.
Thank you. I've made all the images (PSD files) for the HiDPI version. If you're willing to resize them for standard 1080p I'm happy to give you the source files.
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