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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
If you know how to use a compressor I don't think there's a problem with ReaComp's layout to the point it hinders you from getting the sound you want. If you know what the controls do, which are pretty common, there's very little holding you back.

Anyway its layout isn't that relevant in this particular case because what is going to show in the TCP or MCP will be different.
I know how to use a compressor. Reacomp doesn't stop me from achieving the sound I want. But it prevents me from reaching my goal FAST, because of the unergononmic & illogical parameter placement. I wrote a request for this: What's wrong with ReaPlugins UI: LAYOUT & ERGONOMICS

The presentation in the TCP and MCP also isn't that useful.
Missing attack and release parameters. The resolution of the ratio is too low in the lower range, just like the presentation of the gain reduction. GR below 6db is optically hardly detectable.
Apart from the fact that the GR is just a flickering useless indicator from which no one can draw any conclusions about the actual amount of gain reduction.

Sorry Justin

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