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Although the systems developed somewhat together, the music world is stuck with a lot of awkward piano-centric thinking. Middle C, being considered the center, while the musical alphabet starts with A.
Was it to have a new means of performance? Or a faster way to learn (or teach) music?
To both questions - Yes. And you are absolutely right that we are all stuck in a system deeply indoctrinated in our brains. Simply ask "Why?" and a whole new world of possibilities will open!

Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
I admire your scholastic zeal but I'm afaid that I can't really see this happening.
I don't want chord symbols in jazz to define an exact voicing or indeed an exact scale..being able to interpret them is part of the whole creative tradition. Jazz is not about mathematical exactitude, it's an artform, not a computer program. EbMajb5#11/B immediately gives me a base from which to expand into a whole palette of possibilities (but you could get away with leaving out the b5...Ha).

I'd rather read an expertly hand written chart than an expertly written Sibelius chart.
But please carry on, really, I do admire your enthusiasm.
Goldreap, you are talking from the point of view of a specific nichè music style - jazz. That is not a wise approach but it is quite common amongst jazz musicians who usually see themselves as some kind of posh-musicians who can interpret 10+ chords in a bar.
This not the point - to interpret music elements and blocks!
The point is to be able to write precisely what you have in mind.
I am not sure if you are a keyboard or guitar player or brass, woodwind one. I am sure you know about flamenco - this music style is even beyond jazz - you can never properly notate flamenco - ever! the beat of flamenco, though, is incomparable and makes jazz look like a failed pop music style (what originally jazz was meant to be - a popular music).
Please, do not get me wrong - I love jazz. Peggy Lee is one of my favourtite jazz musicians!

Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
Yeah, regretful the metric system is so obscure.
Also, wow for the marshmallow keyboard up there. Would be cool to see it in action.
Metric system is decimal, Imperial system is proportional. Both are good for certain things. Imperial being good for "big, imperial power over the land conquered".
Marshmallow is a new description. It has been called candy, bubbly, gummy, but marshmallow is the best!

Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
Let's say we spell a chromatic scale this way:

Now the diatonic becomes:

Is that spelling easier to think about in comparison to:
A B C# D E F# G#

I know how those sharps and flats look on the surface. We would like to get rid of them... but we always have that same old same 'A B C D E F G' sequence. It's easy forward and backward and from any point inbetween.
♯ ♭ ♮ - these make sense if you only play the standard piano keyboard. hardly ever applicable to any let's say wood or brass instrument - if you know well enough your instrument you can name the holes in it any way you want! Same applies to fretted instruments (tabulature is best for those).
And for the love of humanity - Latin alphabet is only one of the 100+ other alphabets. A, B, C, D... was not much different than J, T, S, Q... to me (when I started to learn English) - but I get your point!

Now, please take a look at the name of the months! Now, pick a random one! You know which ones would come next and which one before.
Because you had to learn them and use them - every month of your life!

J, F, M, A, M, U, L, G, S, O, N, D can you guess the months!? No repeated symbols (I'm sure you will struggle for a minute). Difficult?!
Now start from anywhere on that sequence of month symbolic representations (letter-zodiac).
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