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Different systems will have different goals. The current system seems to have the goal of describing major-key church music for the latin mass. Let me see, when was the last time I needed that goal, oh yeah: Never.
Sometimes, occasionally most people would use it.

The Western system is based on segregation between the 7 modes (originally not so "western") and the rest of the Pythagorean Just Intonation (hardly ever used in its entirety). Hence the rest 5 keys on the piano had to be squeezed in-between the whites (smaller size and raised, the colours were the opposite in earlier times, but that doesn't matter). That is why most people tend to avoid using tonalities (keys) which would require the thumb to be on a "black" (smaller) key. It is simply difficult to squiggle your fingers to touch the narrow back areas of the otherwise big "white" keys on the front.

Really bad design.

Originally Posted by brainwreck
I don't really agree. How are the lines and spaces and staggered placement of notes over the grand staff, good? I think it is archaic because it served archaic purposes that no longer hold.
That is true. After all it is just 12 notes.
Do you know the months of the year? Can you arrange and name them them starting from any month - of course you can!
Maybe the zodiac signs as well? What about other dozenal = duodecimal systems you know by heart? Let me see... the clock?! Doh! You'd usually never ever mismatch the clock (or the moths of the year).

So, who says that 12 note names for the 12-TET (Equal Temperament) will hurt their brain. Yes, habits (or worse - dogmas in thinking and education) are what slows down progress. Sometimes for centuries...

Someone mentioned Dvorak. Well, in my native language (wich uses Cyrillic) the vowels are on the left of the keyboard - makes sense because usually in 98% of the cases after maximum of two consonants, one would have to type a vowel. That makes alternating between the hands much comprehensible.

My English keyboard layout is arranged not as a QWERTY.
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