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I wouldnt jump to conclusions about which way is easier or harder so rapidly, because there are many usability tests out there which prove the human mind often doesn't care which way things work as long as the system is learned (it really just depends, sometimes it doesn't matter, and sometimes it does).

Piano players (and bass players) think of chords in terms of "ok, A, 1 3 5 7 #9" - because it is ingrained. In essence it is a situation of always spelling out chords by note.

Guitar players do not think that way because they are not forced to practice on a linear instrument with a linear-thinking instructor. Guitar players think "A7#9 Pattern at A"
Guitar players think? Who'da thunk it?

I am only saying here to put your pencil to some paper and really think it over. I have done it, and my conclusion was that the standard music system is pretty brilliant. Standard music notation on the other hand... Maybe if I grew up reading and writing in it I would think differently. But I didn't and I don't.

But any way, after you give it a good think over I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Maybe you'll figure out something useful that I wasn't able to. Try letters, numbers, symbols... Want to borrow my book on symbols?
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