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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
It is because standard notation represents western music, which is diatonic. And standard music is absolute pitch, not relative. If you use 12 letters (or other symbols) instead of 7, the key spellings and notation becomes even more complex than standard notation.
parts of music are chromatic, jazz especially. so, abbreviate the system down to base-8 which means the chromatic aspects need special modifiers, or make the system base-12 which forces all notes to be written as the notes they are, without modifiers? That is a tradeoff, yes. Removing the need to indicate sharps & flats is desirable, for sure.

Whether that means "even more complex" is debatable. Does increasing english vocabulary make sentences "more complex" or does it make them less complex yet more descriptive & precise?

Removing the emphasis and terminology for major vs. minor is also desirable. There should be just modes, with the zeroeth mode being the default mode (for example ionian). The theory emphasis on major vs. minor is archaic and obsolete. is offline   Reply With Quote