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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Besides the old style Piano keyboard, and the Pashkuli keyboard there are hundreds of different ways to convert finger position to pitch: Bandoneon and similar knob keyboards, flute, sax, oboe, guitar (multiple common tunings - drop-D, etc) violin, ... And this only is the European influenced bunch...
Make note of the original post where I suggested that a new notation system should be proposed for theory use, that means for transcription, composition, verbal explanation, etc. Not for describing playing on particular instruments, or staff, although it would be great if it covered both, it is just unlikely. Not even the current system uses one set of "things" for both situations, they are separate: there's the nomenclature 'theory which describes pitches' side, and there's the pictograph 'staff which is read while playing' side.

The related argument to instrumental notation is tablature (such as guitar), which many "degreed" musicians will claim is completely unsuitable for use in playing music. Yet standard staff notation does not adequately describe voicing (neck position) which only tablature does well, so, those musicians are wrong, staff has missing and necessary information in comparison to tablature. And then there are rarer instruments like ocarina which use finger diagrams for playing, which is much faster to learn than staff.

But again I am not really talking about a new "pictograph" system (staff, or something for performance use, or indicating which finger goes where), I am talking only about a new nomenclature system. is offline   Reply With Quote