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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Can you see? The Piano Keyboard is also wrong and badly designed.
This is great! i'll study it in detail. The idea of a clef note to indicate mode (is that right?) is very interesting. I'll have to look closely at how the chords are represented.

The piano is "off" for sure. Although the systems developed somewhat together, the music world is stuck with a lot of awkward piano-centric thinking. Middle C, being considered the center, while the musical alphabet starts with A.

I have been comparing alternative systems to see which allows for easier and closer-to-nature description of the music (nature does not care about # or b), and maybe a system which allows for built-in transposing due to base-12 (making it a relative pitch system, instead of absolute pitch).

Yours is a complete system with new staff and a new instrument. The important question is, what specific primary goals were you trying to solve in the new system? Was it to have a new means of performance? Or a faster way to learn (or teach) music? is offline   Reply With Quote