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Originally Posted by Dark River View Post
Personally, I'm fine with standard notation and the 'jazz' version of music theory.
I think evolution is the way - not rewriting the 'system'
this brings up the point that there are already two competing versions of music notation already, with drastically different understandings, and players find it difficult to transition between the two. (classical player will get confused by jazz chart and vice versa). This is because the current system is broken and does not cover the two stylistic variants as a unified whole.

"evolution" vs "rewriting" is really just semantics. few software languages start from scratch, instead they inherit traits and qualities from highly successful prior languages so they could all be called "evolution" but you never hear a Java programmer saying "yeah Java is an evolution of C" even though that is what it is.

The Tbon example is this.

Here's Happy Birthday in F major represented in tbon.
  z - cc | d c f  | e - cc | d c ^g | f - cc |
  ^c a f | e d ^bb | a f g  | f - - |
and the intention of the system, from the forum post, was this: I designed it as a quick way to write out melody and harmony parts

Different systems will have different goals. The current system seems to have the goal of describing major-key church music for the latin mass. Let me see, when was the last time I needed that goal, oh yeah: Never.

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