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Please, let me remind you that because of the nature chords and intervals are structured, more often you would be using their so called Inversions.
Those are not quite clear in any Music Notation (and because we are not talking aout the Music Staff, more correct term would be - Music Nomenclature) I have seen... except in the one I have created. It is called Pashkuli Music Notation (PNS or Plain Music Notation), also includes "staff" (but not in the way you might think of it). Please, see the images at the end of the post.

It is not only the Music Nomenclatutre (originally based on a church psalm "Sancte Ioannes", etc.) → Do, Re, Mi, Fa... following the corresponding syllables over the respective notes from the chant.
So we would have had... D, R, M, F...
The Western (modern) nomenclature of A, B, C... and so on is based on the simple Latin alphabet order of its letters. Why is A assigned to its corresponding key on the piano, you might ask?!

Can you see? The Piano Keyboard is also wrong and badly designed. I tried to fix that as well. Please, see the images at the end of the post.

Well, on a standard grand piano the actual first key far left maybe had been assigned to... the first letter of the alphabet... (also matches the layout of the first short range harpsichords at that time)

Music Alphabets around the world
The VI-century philosopher Boethius is known to have used the first fourteen letters of the classical Latin (Roman) alphabet (the letter J did not exist until the 16th century):
... although, Claudius Ptolemy (the astronomer) had the system applied centuries before Boethius, which had more traditional (at that time) approach of naming all the notes!

Pythagoras (the ancient philosopher and founder of the Just Intonation) had completely different names for the 12 notes and each one was unique.

Pashkuli Notation System (Plain Notation System)

Pashkuli Keyboard

The subject is HUGE!

Pashkuli Keyboard on Youtube

Pashkuli Keyboard on Instagram
♦ video → .: Pashkuli Keyboard :.
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