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Ha ha. Been there in the frustrations of the standard music notation system.

Designing out the bad parts isn't such an easy thing. Try it. Really. It's the only way that you will better understand the good and bad parts of standard music notation and what are some of the problems in designing a new notation system.

Someone on the forum actually came up with an alternative notation system to midi that is written in plain text. It's pretty good too.

Maybe the biggest problem in coming up with a new notation system is general lack of interest. Either people don't see the problems with it (the 'Everything is wonderful; quit whining' culture), or approaching coming up with something better seems like too much effort. So if you have a go at it, expect to do it alone with no real constructive external input. And irrationally, some people won't want you to even try to come up with a new system.
It's time to take a stand against the synthesizer.

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