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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Hmm not sure what you're doing differently here, but this is also on XFCE:

Note that the first click is on the right side of the box, that triggers the menu of recents, and the second click is closer to the text where you can edit it. This is entirely implemented in libSwell so really it should be distro and DE independent...
Does the distro govern how right click menus behave? I'm using xfce on Xubuntu. When I right click the record button on tracks that are near the right edge of the screen, menus begin to display outside of the maximized REAPER container on my left monitor, and popup totally orphaned on my right monitor.

You can see what I'm talking about in this pic of my two monitors, which are not close to each other. I'm right clicking the record button of track 22, but the context sensitive menu and all it's children popup on the other monitor, which frequently is on a security cam, so I don't see the menu at all.

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