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AFAIK the file dialogs is going to be the same on all distributions; I don't think linux Reaper uses any of the DE file dialogs.

You should be able to click in the path at the top of the dialog and type in paths, though. You can also use the drop-down arrow to select some subset of the current path.

But yeah, the linux file dialog is still pretty rudimentary (no user shortcuts, no shortcuts to mounted drives, no tab-autocomplete or autofill in the path bar, when you enter something in the search bar and there is one result you can't hit enter to enter that dir, etc). I'm sure it's on Justin's radar for future improvements, but I'm guessing it's not the highest priority, given what I'm sure is a healthy to-do list.

In Linux the root / represents the real and true root, so any disks you have mounted will be accessible from there, as you've already found.

Personally I create mount points for all my extra disks that are off of /. E.g. /projects. That way they are always easy to access in cases like this.
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