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I don't think this is a bug, but I thought I'd mention it, even if it may have more to do with the window manager than Reaper. The file requester when I go to load a project does not show my non-system disks. I am new to Linux and it took me a while to figure out how to overcome this, because EVERYTHING is stored on my second internal (spinning disk) drive; the internal SSD is just for the system and its stuff. Once I had managed to navigate to /media/me/DRIVE/Reaper Projects and load one, of course the next time it was already there, but I had some trouble at first with this, being used to Windows and Mac requesters. Likewise, setting the path to the new default project directory was a similar process, as my requester wouldn't let me actually type the path in so I had to navigate to it. I am using Linux Lite, which uses XFCE as the desktop environment. Do the other DEs act this way too?

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