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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
1: Reaper in the preferences has a setting not to stop the GUI thread when it does not have the focus. (If not set - the default - it clears the tracks' waveform display when loosing the focus))

2) I asked exactly this (supposedly) this forum some time ago and the method was explained, but as I don't have Melodyne yet, I forgot how it is supposed to work.


Hi Michael,

thanks a lot for your answer. The proposed solution for question 1 works like a charm. It can be found here:
Prefs > Media > Set Media Items Offline when Applications is not active

Concerning my second question I did search some of your (many ) posts. This was the closest I found:
I believe this is not the post you were referring to?

I have a really hard time getting my head around this whole topic. There are so many options (project tempo map, timebase tempo envelope, timebase item, project playback rate, item playback rate, several melodyne options ...)

It would be really helpful if Kenny could make a video on this topic...
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