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I have two questions concerning ARA/Melodyne/reaper:

On my computer (windows 10) Melodyne analyzes audio only if the reaper window has focus. Is there a way to make melodyne analyze audio in background? For larger files this can take some minutes and I would like to use my computer for other things in the meantime.

I am quite unexperienced concerning tempo stuff in reaper. Since melodyne is very powerfull in this regard I would like to add a variable speed audio item to a variable speed reaper-track. Melodyne detects the tempo curve of the file correctly and the melodyne-internal metronome matches perfectly. But I found no way to make melodyne adapt the audio file to the track and the reaper metronome.

This video indicates that this is done automatically in studio one:

Using the option "Confirm # as file temp" seems only to change the playback rate of the item in reaper statically. The reaper metronome still does not match the file tempo.

Thanks in advance!

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