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Originally Posted by swiiscompos View Post
When entering a short value then a longer value in another voice, we can get everything messed up (see gif).
Also, have you seen my post about quantize view being broken?
Ah, I think you have display quantize set to 1/8, but the editor grid set to 1/32.

What happens, at present, is that notes are drawn on the grid at their actual position. This is intentional and helpful for visualizing notes that are ahead of or behind the beat. This is what you see as "broken" in the display quantization.

In your case, with display quantize set to 1/8 and inserting 32nd notes, the note heads are drawn where the actual notes are. But the grouping, beaming, ties etc all obey the display quantization, so even though you are entering 32nd notes, they get beamed as 8th notes, which looks weird.

It's not clear what should happen in this case. The display quantize needs to affect display only, not editing. If you have the grid set to 1/32 and insert a note at 1/32 into the measure, the note should get inserted there. Should it then get display-quantized to be directly on top of the previous note (and therefore invisible, if it's the same pitch)?
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