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Originally Posted by Shippo View Post
I think key signatures should be treated in a similar way to tempo and time signature, i.e. editable in the project settings and transport bar, and applicable to all midi items unless overridden. They could be changed at the start of any bar as for the time signature.
Originally Posted by schwa View Post
We went back and forth on this for a while. In the end we decided we needed to allow different key signatures on different keys, and that the most flexible way to do this would be to have the key signatures attach to the individual MIDI media items.
Thanks for the reply.

So if we have 20 midi tracks, do we have to set the key signature 20 times? And if it changes, change it 20 times? That doesn't seem right (maybe I've misunderstood?).

Wouldn't it be better to have a default global key signature at any point, which can be overridden at item level?
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