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Some stuff I haven't seen mentioned yet:

- At the moment notation and piano roll mode share the piano roll main toolbar. Is a separate toolbar planned for notation? There are several commands I would need in one but not the other mode (eg the page/row view toggle).

- I have huge difficulties reading the measure numbers, they are very light grey. A tad darker would go a long way.

- I'd appreciate the track name to be visible in "page view" as well, a nice place would be horizontally centered at the top of the page.

- Percussion clef need some love, here's a simple GM drum snippet with Kick/Snare/Hihat in Reaper, pretty much unreadable:

Ideally we'd be able to decide where each drum instrument will be notated (map midi note numbers to staff positions) and how the heads look.
Also irritating are the rests. I think thea are a result of using notes shorter than eights (I created it in piano roll). That shouldn't make a difference in drum notation, methinks

Related: In piano roll I prefer editing drums in normal rectangle shape, but in a notation I'd expect drum notation heads (x circles, triangles and so forth). Currently this doesn't seem to be possible, x in notation will force triangles in piano roll and slashes in notation forces rectangles in piano roll... and vice versa.

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Question, is it possible to open both Notation view and Piano roll ?
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Not at present, and that's not really contemplated for the immediate future. Various issues arise if you allow multiple editors to affect the same content simultaneously.

Maybe it's somehow possible to let them be the same "active midi editor" under the hood (also with regards to the scripting API) but still present the modes in separate windows? Only one of the windows would be "in focus" at a time, so the content would never get affected by multiple editor windows at the same time.

EDIT: forgot to say that I find this a tremendous first step into these deep waters
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