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Originally Posted by KeithC View Post
Thanks Kenny, I downloaded the user's guide, and got it saved, I will be purchasing your videos so I have my life to view them, as unfortunately the great value of a 30 day all access pass wouldn't give me enough time to get through one video. Should Reaper 4 explained be my first purchase? I downloaded the latest version, which I believe is 4.6. And I know almost zero, except that I like the GUI, and the Forum. One issue I know will cause me problems is that I have all my downloads in default locations picked by windows. I imagine the users guide will show me where to store them, and I can just send them to that location. I plan on installing a 256gb internal ssd sonetime this week. Should I wait until I install that, and install all my recording software on that drive because of the silent nature of ssds, then save my projects on my 2 TB 7200 RPM hdd? I have Cubase AI6 just to get the most out of my Yamaha MX61, because it uses a lot of VST3 instruments, which I track to an MTR, and drop those files into Reaper for editing, mixing, etc., and the MX is my interface for now as well. So, all of that is in different locations as well. So, to get to the point, once I install the ssd, should I send all of my recording software, and device drivers to their own specific files on the ssd, so I can recall any portion of my system from one location?
Sorry I didn't put any breathing space in this post, but for a Lawn Guilander, you're used to it! LOL
THANKS for your reply, hope you, or someone can decipher the above, and answer my rather vague questions. Hey, I'm new!
Peace (y'all ), KC
I've yet to work with SSD drives so I will hold off an giving you any advice there.

But I would get Reaper Explained first and get all the way through it and consider getting Reaper Tips and Tricks if you want to learn more. Followed by Reaper Advanced if you just can't get enough.

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