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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I'd suggest to make a custom template .sysex file (with CC numbers, ranges, names etc. - a rough mock-up should do for now), find a somewhat decent SysEx / binary file editor that works on your platform, and start copy/pasting excerpts (e.g. the first 256 bytes) from the Ableton template into it, and try if it starts working (more or less) as intended.
I've been able to send and receive SYSEX data to Automap template, using MIDI-OX, without any changes to the template itself.

Here's the example:

I've received the following, while experimenting:

Ableton template - reacts to CC messages with LED. Can send and receive commands at channel 1. Doesn't accept SYSEX LCD Messages.

Automap template - Receives SYSEX LCD messages and responds to SYSEX requests at channel 16. Doesn't react to LED change commands. Doesn't send midi data. When user presses any control, "Automap is offline" message appears on LCD.

I assume that the host should send an initial sysex greeting to the controller, so it will think that Automap Server is online and then it will communicate with the host.

I've sent the "online" message and "automap is offline" dissapeared, showing me the text strings that I've sent to the LCD earlier, but when I've pressed any control, the "automap if offline" appeared again.

This is the message. VV bb set to 12 00, nn set to 02 (Automap template):

When this message is sent, I can control LED's from the host with CC messages. This works only until I press any control on the SL. Then it shows "Automap is offline", forcing me to send "initial" command once again.

For now, I think that it's time to move straight to the OSCII-bot and start configuring the initial setup, using Automap template, since it's already able to communicate. If everything will go well with Automap template, then we can switch to Ableton template, if user wants to keep Automap functionality and use midi2osc with some of the advanced templates.

Some LED test. It's really interesting to play with those things.

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