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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I'd suggest to make a custom template .sysex file (with CC numbers, ranges, names etc. - a rough mock-up should do for now), find a somewhat decent SysEx / binary file editor that works on your platform, and start copy/pasting excerpts (e.g. the first 256 bytes) from the Ableton template into it, and try if it starts working (more or less) as intended.
This is exactly what I'm going to do.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
So, concluding, you want to have the device in 'Automap mode', but communicating (bi-directionally) over a regular USB MIDI port, not a 'hidden' one, much like the Ableton template is doing.
In fact, I think that it might be possible to make use of the Automap mode/template itself without Automap Server running and achieve the same functionality, using those "user", "inst", "fx", "mixer", "transport", "learn" and "view" buttons as a different layout toggles.
Just need some testing without Automap Server enabled.
It might be even possible to get FX's parameters of the selected track straight to the different pages of the "fx" group. However, I still need to find out how to implement "shift" functions to OSCII-Bot scripts.

As far as I've understood, the only difference between Ableton and Automap templates is that the first one sending data to midi channel 1, while Automap sends it's "hidden" data to channel 16. But, I might be wrong.

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