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Yes, your basic idea is completely valid - you can create a pretty powerful and heavily customized configuration using REAPER's OSC Control Surface feature coupled with an OSCII-bot script. As you wrote, the (only) technical hurdle seems to be configuring the SL MK II to display feedback on the LEDs and LCD. The rest is just trial, error, and coffee.
Gladly, I've found a full programming reference for both feedback and CC layout for SLMkII, a couple hours ago. Here's the link to the PDF file. I've also asked Novation support for three more documents, which are mentioned in this PDF. Here's the link to my public Dropbox. For those could be reading this thread years later, the name of the file is "SLMKII MIDI Programmers Reference.pdf"

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Btw, is the .sysex file for that Ableton template (and perhaps some others, such as the Access Virus one, for comparison) available somewhere, so I can also take a look?
I've dumped all templates from my MkII and packed them into a single archive. There's also a template 33 - Automap Universal, which is used for automap things and can't be dumped separately, but it dumped when I've tried to dump all templates at once. So, there are 33 templates in this archive, in total.
I can do the same with my Remote SL 25, if needed.

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(I think you already know this, since you mention noticing a difference in the file headers, but perhaps it's useful for others who read this: )
There are various applications that can show you the individual bytes of SysEx files; on OS X I like to use SysEx Librarian (a simple but handy tool focused on SysEx messages), and 0xED (a more generic binary file viewer / editor) for more advanced tasks like search/replace in .sysex files.
I've used a simple text viewer (win 8.1 here) to look at the .syx, but the way it's showing me the content isn't very readable.

In fact, I'm really glad that you said, that this concept is doable. Might take a long time, but I'm willing to complete this task, so the others could also use the setup for their own SL's.
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