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Ghosting when drawing MIDI items is fixed for me in this build, thanks!

Contrary to my post in the thread for the previous build though, I am having GUI sluggishness with this build on my iMac Pro. Everything lags behind the mouse cursor when clicking + dragging anything, and the overall feel of the everything is extremely "low frame rate".

On my MacBook Pro with this build, things are fine. It's not ultra-smooth 60fps or anything like that, but there's no sense of everything feeling laggy and jerky whatsoever, Reaper is quite useable.

On both machines though, resizing the Reaper window to a much smaller size creates a drastic improvement in both lag and the perception of "frame rate", everything comes closer to feeling "ultra smooth" (although it doesn't quite get there).

Despite having Vega 64 graphics on my iMac Pro, Reaper is really struggling to draw a maximised window. Is there anything that can be done to improve UI responsiveness overall for Macs with 5K screens?
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