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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Hey boss,

8x8 are great, but why not allowing multiplications of this structure, e.g. 12 or better 128, one bank for each bank select message? Sending a bank select message to Playtime will shift to the correct bank of 8x8 clips. Each 8x8 matrix can be regard as a 'song playground' and you can design 128 'songs' in one go, for a bigger 'live set'.
That would actually not be that difficult. There's also no big GUI change involved. I already put a similar feature request to myself.

Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Offline, Online thing is important with midi file references and using external midi processors, my favourite is Keykit by Tim Thompson, its command line variant, lowkey.exe in the Keykit package, what I mentioned already a few times in this forum. If you want to use such an external midi processor with Reaper, those referenced midi files inside Reaper have to be 'released' first, this is done with selecting those midi items, changing their status to OFFLINE, now you can process those midi files with your own keykit code, via command line, when command is finished, taking 1 or 2 seconds usually, switching back the processed items to ONLINE and Reaper will update to the new versions. You can do all above in one go, if you use AutoHotkey, triggering required Reaper actions from there, too. In practice it means, press one hotkey, finished. Exactly as you do in Reaper itself, only here, this is an external processor. If you say, Playtime does not cut any of those 'external processing capabilities', everything still will be correctly updated EVEN inside Playtime, then great. Another reason Ableton can go home, to Berlin.
OK, now I get the online offline thing. Makes sense. Yes, Playtime doesn't cut any of those external processing capabilities.
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