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Wow, so much feedback to process


# MIDI file references

This is already possible. Remember you have all REAPER goodies at your disposal. Just mark the items on the timeline after recording them with Playtime and then "right mouse click => Item processing => Convert active take MIDI to .mid file reference". Then you can do to the resulting MIDI files whatever you want and it will affect playback in Playtime.

But if you are just interested in keeping the MIDI content of several clips in sync, there's a much easier way. When recording a clip, Playtime creates an in-project MIDI item. When you copy a clip (Ctrl+Drag'n'Drop), it creates a pooled MIDI item - also commonly called a "ghost copy". Every change you make to the source MIDI item will affect the ghost copy and vice versa. No need to cope with MIDI files.

Note that Playtime even creates ghost copies when using the "Write" button. That means the written items are still connected to the initial clips. You can replace the content of all those connected clips and items in one go. AFAIK this is indeed something Ableton doesn't offer.

# Track limit

Each slot can control an item on a different track if desired. So the limit is 64 tracks. But yes, there are only 8 groups (columns). As I wrote above, groups and tracks are not connected in Playtime. If you need more groups, you can fire up a second instance of Playtime. Multiple instances are not synchronized though. I'm thinking about increasing the maximum number of groups and scenes in future. But I think with 8x8 clips one can already come very far.

# Fill scene from selected items

Sounds useful to me. I didn't understand the ONLINE and OFFLINE thing.

# Write in another project tab

I think I know what you're getting at. Yes, reminds me of the old Cubase VST arrangements. This is very difficult though since the two projects (= different arrangments) would be totally disconnected from each other, not sharing the same tracks and items. Would be much easier if Cockos offered multiple timelines for one project. Alternative: Just write into different time passages of the project and use markers or regions to be able to jump to them easily.


Everything you mentioned is already possible

# 2. Loop lengths
This is already the case. Each clip can have an arbitrary loop length.

# 3. MIDI/CC controllable (triggers)
This feature is at the very core of Playtime.

You can also edit a clip by double clicking on it (MIDI clips: opens REAPER's internal MIDI editor, Audio clips: zooms into the item because REAPER doesn't have a separate audio editor).


# Bitbucket vs. Cockos forum

Thanks for making the requests there. Okay, discussions in the REAPER forum are fine. Voting for features and watching their progress is much better solved in Bitbucket.


# VST vs. REAPER extension

Playtime is actually a kind of REAPER extension, it uses the same functions that SWS extension uses for example. It's just deployed as a VST instrument. So Playtime has all the possibilities of a REAPER extension plus those of a VST plugin. That makes sense because Playtime is actually a musical instrument. It's supposed to be played with your MIDI keyboard (although using just the GUI is also nice).

# Select items from project bay

This is already possible. Project Bay => Options => Mirror selection in bay and project. Then select the item in the project bay, go to Playtime, right mouse click on a slot => Fill with selected item.

# Retain items in project bay

It's currently not possible to retain items or access the project bay using the REAPER extension API. I think the nice thing about keeping the items in the arrangement is that people have immediate access to them.


Wanting a "MIDI sampler" in REAPER was my motivation for writing Playtime Yes, you can use external MIDI devices.


Are you on W7 32-bit or 64-bit? I will try this later and see whether I can reproduce the problem.


I didn't try Playtime with AKAI APC40 but it wouldn't surprise me if it's working. Playtime works with Launchpad and Orbit, including visual feedback. So if APC40 has the same protocol like Launchpad, it's gonna work. You can just try it. Please let me know if it works. Thanks


What you are describing is exactly what Playtime does. You can also edit MIDI by clicking on a cell that contains a MIDI clip (opens up REAPER MIDI editor). Audio clips are zoomed on double click because REAPER itself is the audio editor.
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