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Originally Posted by Kundalinguist View Post
Diogenes, I never mentioned police officers, although I can say that one always has to lessen the life of another in order to kill them. I don't speak about what I don't know about, whether out of ignorance or at random. I may joke a lot, but when I mentioned soldiers, I was definitely not kidding.

I would recommend that you watch the documentary called "Soldiers of Conscience" (link to trailer below) to see soldiers talking about having to lessen the value of a human life so that they can kill people, which turns out is something that few of them can actually live with in the aftermath. Good advertising makes it all look septic and even fun.

I do not see murder for hire as a heroic gesture like many people do. I see no honor in causing someone's head to cave in from my bullets.

Here's the trailer.

P.S. Don't call me ignorant unless you have fully tested your own knowledge. Okay?

Cunnilingus... you my friend, have exposed yourself as just another hateful dismisser of whatever sliver of humanity does not suit your taste. I would call that racism or bigotry, but not the work of an entertainer.

Welcome to the club.
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