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Originally Posted by mutantdrums View Post
Kundalinguist I asked for you to specifically quote what I had written here that again as you said in your opinion makes me a "sliver , humanity, etc" or whatever.

Can you do that?

Originally Posted by mutantdrums View Post
To me Kundalinguist, you seem like just another totally humorless person. For the record I have nothing against the Rat capital of World India however I never would want to even visit there, its Canadians who I really truly loathe.

Lastly, why dont you F*** off.

Originally Posted by mutantdrums View Post
It seems kinda funny for you to suddenly jump in. Other than the Indian Spammer now, pljones or AndyMc are usually the only ones here.

Its also funny how I have never seen your name on Ninjam once ever.

But with your apparent level of pretentiousness I'm guessing you must probably be a guitar player? Is that discriminatory?
Oh graceful one, when I use the term friend, I mean it from the "John McCain" perspective, not in any friendly sense.

I found my way here by looking at the "New Posts" link and saw something that piqued my interest, so I clicked on it. I suggest that you maybe explore outside of this thread yourself to see more of the civilized world.

I am not pretentious. I think it is pretentious to think one's self superior to other beings and make a public statement of it, as you so blatantly have. If you know your history, the Nazis objectified and subhumanized the Jews as rats. Anytime one "lessens" the value of people they are on their way to becoming either:

a) a soldier
b) a serial killer or abuser
c) a compliant bystander to one or both of the above.

I am not of that group. However, you are not acting much more the part of a rodent yourself. Rise up and be better than just another angry, misinformed spitter of hatred.

[I see no use in trying to further convince you to change. That's your duty.]
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