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Originally Posted by Kundalinguist View Post
I think you were very clear in implying that perhaps the rats were better than the Indian people. I also think you were very clear in shining a spotlight on your dismissal of an entire race and culture because of one or more Indian spammers on Reaper.

You, my friend, have exposed yourself as just another hateful dismisser of whatever sliver of humanity does not suit your taste. I would call that racism or bigotry, but not the work of an entertainer.

Hi wow, thanks for jumping in there buddy.
Who F**** are you? Suddenly you now decide to jump in?
I thought I was communicating with Pljones.

But if anyone else here lurking wants to suddenly jump in, then please feel free as well. Maybe even the Indian spammer can also now reply.

First of all Kundalinguist.

1.) I am not your friend.
2.0)I am not an "entertainer".

In your reply please quote specifically what I wrote that again in your mind as you said makes you apparently feel I am "a hateful ....sliver" of whatever. So please entertain ME, my new friend Kundalinguist.

To me Kundalinguist, you seem like just another totally humorless person. For the record I have nothing against the Rat capital of World India however I never would want to even visit there, its Canadians who I really truly loathe.

Lastly, why dont you F*** off.
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