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Originally Posted by Klinke View Post
Mmm, the situation had changed a little bit since we talked about that, i got an iPad1 and it seems that in combination with the Saitara AC7 app i could use it to work on the multi MCU support (maybe i need some help from users with a real extender).

But it is still a lot of work, and it is work that does not have a real usage for me (i will not use the AC7 app for making music, the Midi Touch app is a better addition). And i have a lot of other project ideas which are compete against the multi MCU support. So i want to be sure that there are many users which find this feature a must. And a good way to express this need, is a promise to donate. ;-)
Sounds promising!

You mentioned a donation site that maybe you could set some kind of "pot" on it and when it gets to so many pledges you could start work on it and we can then actually donate

Also just to make it clear (and maybe easier for you). I use your prior version with two BCF2000s and have both set to just the main MCU model and don't use the extender version as it never worked with the BCF anyway so instead of having to write the extender part I would be happy with just an added option in the Reaper prefs for Bank offset and fader amount (since BCFs have 8 and not 9)

That would be all I would desire, I actually find it quite useful that my left hand BCF can be showing tracks whilst I'm controlling plugins or sends with the right hand BCF (this still allows me to change to a new track easily).

I imagine if I have the right one as an extender and switch to plugin mode both BCFs become controllers of the plug in only which I feel lowers the overall control anyway!

Hope that would make it easier and yes I'm willing to donate, ANYONE ELSE? roll up!!! roll up!!
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