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Default Update on RTE3 Reaper Control

As you can see, I have transport working now, and a more useful interface. The problem with the image path was just a minor can't use any spaces in the project name (that name is included in the image path).

So basically, you can use this editor to layout your elements (this project is ncluded) including graphics and pop-ups (that's how the tracks are switching), and then throw the whole thing in the reaper_www folder and go to:


or whatever your project name is.

I am still working on adding sliders and dials...

I am currently compiling the current build, so the Windows version will be uploaded shortly with the Linux version to follow. I am still working an a Mac version.


You can download the Run Time Editor from here:

Run Time Editor

The Reaper Web Control project is in the Examples folder (Reaper_Control.rte), and you can simply open and choose 'Convert to HTML' from the file menu. This will create a folder in the installation folder ( called 'html' by default) and you can copy these files into your reaper_www directory.

Of course, the fun part is in editing the project...change some icons, move things around, change fonts, colors, etc. (easily) and then convert! The actual strings that are sent to the Reaper plugin are in the 'Release' scripts of each object.

Justin has done an excellent job in creating a protocol for web communication here!

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