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Originally Posted by Avatar44 View Post

OK, I post yesterday and now, after a long night I try to "paint" in Photoshop something to help my point of view. This is my first attempt in such a direction. I don't know nothing about Reaper GUI- how it works etc- but I am a 2D artist from time to time. I can work with Adobe Photoshop to express myself.

I made this with care for Brice layout but I don't know if it's possible to be injected in Reaper as a theme. At least, I was trying to achieve, what a dark theme will suppose to look if a little shadow, emboss can be made. Now that I try, I can confirm that Reaper can be tricky in the theme sector. To much regular polygons that distract your creativity. It's like, "hey, a regular polygon, we must fill it with a regular polygon button". There are tons of buttons and if all of them are regular I almost hear the SID chip in my brain screaming "Tetris, I don't have too much time, where to put it, I'm loosing my score..." So, the specialists, must avoid this type of geometry when they build groups of icons like those from the bottom in my images IMO. The smoothness that came with embossed elements is something that Reaper is needing everyday. The GUI become articulate, those knife lines that splits tracks don't hurts our dark side of the moon fragile parts, and we can live in peace. I hope you will find something useful in my modest attempt.
wow that's wonderful, keep us up to date, perhaps in another thread, more of a fan of this than the original
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