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Default FR: v4 Mixer Auto-Width option

I was going to post this in the FR sub-forum, but it seems like the kind of thing that may need to be discussed relating to WALTER, so I thought it was better to keep all of it in the pre-release sub-forum.


Currently, the mixer width just stays at whatever it is dragged to regardless of the number of actual visible tracks. This results in a lot of ugly dead space taken up by the window, when there are less tracks than the width is set for......

It would be brilliant for the mixer window width to snap to the number of tracks currently visible (taking into account the width in pixels of each mcp panel from the currently loaded theme)...... if you have 4 tracks, and add however many more...the mixer would snap to the new required width, keeping all tracks visible...if you then delete some tracks the width would snap down to the new width needed in order to get rid of dead window space...

Of course, there is an issue in that we would need some way of defining the maximum number of tracks the mixer would keep visible before introducing the scroll-bar......and this would have to be determined by:

- the width in pixels of the mcp panel in the currently loaded theme
- the user's horizontal screen resolution
- a variable option of some kind to restrict the width to a fraction of the width of the user's screen (eg. 3/4 the width max......or something)...before introducing the scroll-bar...

This would also have to take into account the width of all the available mixer track layouts in the current if someone changes a track to the extended side-bar layout the mixer width would expand to accommodate order to keep everything visible without the need for scrolling.


(I was going to upload a screenshot to show how neat it is with the mixer properly sized....internet is too slow.....I'm sure everyone knows what I'm on about anyway)

...this would have to be optional so that people who add tracks by double-clicking could still do so...

discuss please
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