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Originally Posted by gwok View Post
I think most of the negative reactions i see people have, are people just not wanting to adapt. I keep seeimg people saying things in the line of - we dont want innovation, we want want were used to. WHAT IS THAT! Then go back to cubase. There's so much wicked innovation in Reaper, all's one has to do is jump in, stop hating on minor issues, and make some music -
OK So I'm working on this song. MMm piano could be better 1 octave up.
Click on the track and press ]
Naah better as it was [

Maybe it should be harpsichord. Hover on patch and scroll. Or click on patch +++ mmmm There. That's what I mean.

We talking functionality here. Not DAW. Tell me how to do that in reaper as easy as that? And then I'll tell you which daw.
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