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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Zero to Godwin in 3 posts. That must be a new record!
Well, I certainly don't condone the adolf reference from that poster but....

I think it shows how negatively people react to the way midi is set up in reaper.

Look, when you get in a car, you want a steering wheel and a gas pedal.

People don't want something "innovative and different" compared to what they are used to driving.

People could replace the steering wheel with a joystick, and universally people would be unhappy with it, especially the vast majority of traditional car drivers.

That's exactly what its like using Midi in reaper.

It's completely different, and it's also slower and more tedious to work with than the standard steering wheel.

I'm pretty tired of hearing how Reaper's steering wheel is different and that's somehow an advantage.

There are few if any advantages to it, and tons of downsides, from learning curve, to workflow to real productivity.

I think at a certain point one has to realize that thinking different isn't always helpful and thinking and implementing things traditionally might just really be a good idea in the end.

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